Bringing security and memories to children in their own unique, personalized, blanket.


When my son was born he was given a little blankie with bear on it. It was love at first sight. This blanket became a staple to him and his nightly ritual of falling asleep. Sacred were the nights where his blanket was snuggled in his arms, as bedtime was a breeze and cursed were the nights when his precious possession was lost. As well loved as his blanket was, it did not hold up and it took many trips through my sewing machine getting repaired. Finally I thought something this special needs to be made better and so I started to sketch.

My son affectionately named his blanket "BB" and from that day forward all security blankets in our house became BBs.

I endeavored to create a blanket that can be fully customized to make it as special, unique, and loveable as the child that claims it, but also making it a size that is usable for mom too.

When I get notes from parents telling me how their children have carried around one of my blankets for years, providing comfort and joy to that child, it makes my heart swell.





The Idea Board!

The Idea Board!